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Basketball Sizing Help, Tips & Information | Lady Foot Locker

Basketball Help

Basketball Sizing Help, Tips & Information

Proper Fit (Shoes)

Toe Area: Allow .25" to .5" (thumbnails length) of space between the end of the longest toe or largest foot and the end of the shoe.

Width Area: Foot is supposed to fit comfortably without stretching the upper over the midsole of the shoe.

Heel Area: Heel can move but is not supposed to slip.

What Size Basketball do I Need?

Full-size basketballs are recommended for men and boys age 12 years or older.

The official size is 29.5" in circumference.

Intermediate basketballs are recommended for boys 8-12 years old and women/girls of all ages.

The official size is 28.5" in circumference.


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