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Style That Never Quits: The Nike Shox

It was the turn of the century — a new millennium — and futuristic design was on everyone's mind. It was during this time, in 2000, when Nike released the first shoe featuring Shox technology, a design that had been in development for well over a decade. Years later, Shox are still a go-to shoe style.

When Shox Caught Our Attention

The first time the world saw the Nike Shox in action, they were flying over someone's head at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Vince Carter made “le dunk de la mort” — or “the dunk of death” — by jumping over his 7'2” opponent while wearing shoes that featured Shox technology. Even though the shoes probably weren't the first thing people noticed in this scenario, it was still an unforgettable debut.

The Idea Behind It All

The original goal for Shox technology was energy return. The cushioning pillars in the heel of every Shox shoe are designed to compress toward the inside of your foot, rather than the outside. This pattern of compression is designed for support and energy return.

Columns in Every Pair

Today, the columns are hollow and made of foam, but were originally made with metal springs. This was considered much too heavy for a functional shoe, so the idea wasn't pursued until the '90s when a lightweight, supportive foam technology was discovered. Once the springs were replaced with compressible foam columns, dedicated development could begin. In development, the foam columns were paired up with a responsive Pebax dispersion plate. The plate helps the columns compress and disperses the force from impact. At the time of its release, the idea that would become Nike Shox had been in development for well over a decade.

Sleek Style

According to designer Eric Avar, the Nike Shox BB4 was inspired by space suits during the development process. This inspiration, along with iridescent accents, resulted in the space-age-goes-modern style that still contributes to this shoe's appeal. While the front half of these shoes looks typical, the upper materials and cushioning columns give the Shox a unique look. The upper, usually made of leather, mesh, or synthetic, tends to feature solid, durable materials. A durable upper isn't unusual, but it is somewhat uncharacteristic of the running silhouette it is paired up with. Since Shox are primarily used for casual wear, the solid upper provides a canvas for eye-catching colors. For those who prefer to run in Nike Shox, there are some options that are made with mesh panels for ventilation, such as the Navina SI.

Products Lady Foot Locker Carries

Aside from providing a sleek, attractive appearance, Shox work well as running, walking, or casual shoes. Whether it's the Vaeda, NZ, Navina, or Superfly R4, we have a Nike Shox sneaker that goes anywhere, with any outfit. Over time, Shox have spanned the ranks of Nike's athletic offerings, being applied to running, basketball, and casual shoes. No matter their purpose, one thing remains the same: people love how these shoes look and feel.